Stitching is a Meditative Practice

Do What You Love

I love stitching by hand. It is a slow and deliberate process – a meditative practice.  When I begin a hand stitching journey, I really feel the power of the story I am telling.

It’s reassuring to listen to the needle popping through the fabric, to hear the glide of the thread as it follows the needle, to quiet the mind and listen.   I like slowly unraveling a story that wants to be told.

This is a piece is built on a denim jacket I found at the Salvation Army Store. I started with the word “Trust”.IMG_0574

I didn’t have a plan. I trusted the process and kept stitching.  The piece continued to evolve, and the words “Do What You Love” appeared.IMG_1616

This was a convenient project to take with me wherever I went – it fits my body – so I wear my work in progress! I just have to carry my needle, scissors, and thread.

There are literally tens to hundreds of thousands of stitches, and it all started with one.