Stitching as a Meditative Practice

Hand stitching is a slow and deliberate process.   A particular idea or project may seem like it will take forever, and we might choose not to begin because we are so worried about the time involved.   We might stop before we start because we convince ourselves that we will never finish.  If we decide, though, to embark on the stitching journey, we might slow down so much that we really feel the impact of the story we are telling, and the story becomes that much more powerful.

The practice of hand stitching can be rewarding and surprising when we turn it into a meditative practice.  I find it reassuring to listen to the needle popping through the fabric, to hear the glide of the thread as it follows the needle, to quiet the mind and listen.  I like the slow work of sewing stitch by stitch.  I like reveling in the unraveling of a story that wants to be told.

This is a piece I started months ago. The canvas is a denim jacket I found at the Salvation Army Store, and the stitches are entirely chain stitched. I started with the word “Trust” as I continue to contemplate what this means in my life – to “trust the journey” – to “trust life”.


As I have moved through the process with this project, I’ve not had a pallet nor a particular plan.  I am trusting the process and doing what I love.  The piece continues to evolve.


This is a really convenient project to take with me wherever I go – it fits my body – so I wear my work in progress! I just have to carry my needle, scissors, and thread.

There are literally tens to hundreds of thousands of stitches, and it all started with one.